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Mynul Hasan
Google & HubSpot Certified Digital Marketer
  • Residence:
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • City:
  • Google Certified Digital Marketer
  • MailChimp Certified Email Marketer
  • HubSpot & UC Davis Certified SEO Analyst
  • Google Certified Analytics Expert
  • Google Certified GMB Expert
Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Research
Off-Page Optimization
Technical SEO
Email Marketing
  • Local SEO, Google My Business
  • Link Building, Google Ranking
  • Email Campaign Setup
  • Outreach Expert
  • On-Page, Off-Page
  • Mailchimp, Klaviyo

Mynul Hasan The Digital Marketing Strategist from Bangladesh

December 20, 2022

Hello, I am Mynul Hasan, a highly experienced and google digital garage certified digital marketing strategist hailing from Bangladesh. I specialize in helping businesses reach their maximum potential by creating customized strategies and leveraging innovative techniques.

With my extensive knowledge in the field of digital marketing and my creative ideas, I have been able to provide countless organizations with the tools they need to succeed. My success stories range from helping small businesses gain a foothold in their respective markets to helping established enterprises expand their reach and acquire new customers.

My strategic insight, unparalleled creativity, and innovative approaches have allowed me to become a sought-after digital marketing specialist in my field. My experience has shown me that it is important to be flexible and adjust my approach to best meet the needs of each business. Check out my portfolio how I can help take your business to the next level!

Introduction of Myself

As a digital marketing maestro, I specialize in creating and executing strategies that help businesses reach their desired audiences, increase their online visibility, drive leads and sales, and generate maximum returns on investment.

With my expert knowledge and years of experience in the field, I am well-equipped to help businesses of any size realize their marketing goals. My strategies are proven to be effective in reaching the right people, and I always ensure that my strategies are tailored to the specific needs of each business.

My strategies are also highly efficient and cost-effective, enabling businesses to maximize their ROI. I am passionate about helping businesses succeed and am dedicated to providing the best possible service to each of my clients.

I provide an array of services that are tailored to meet the needs of your business in order to ensure that it reaches and surpasses its desired goals. My services include SEO optimization, content creation, paid campaigns, and social media management.

By leveraging these powerful tools, I am able to generate high-quality traffic and ROI for your business. This increases brand awareness and drives sales, resulting in unprecedented success.

My services are tailored to the unique needs of each business, allowing for maximum returns on investment. With my help, you can rest assured that your business will realize its potential and achieve its desired goals.

How Did Mynul Hasan Get Into this Field?

I embarked on my professional journey as an Email Marketer, but after a few years, I grew increasingly unsatisfied with the work I was doing. Taking into consideration my skills and interests, I decided to switch careers and joined a company as a CRM Executive.

During my time in this role, I developed a keen interest in Digital Marketing and decided to further my education in this area. In 2015, I left my job and enrolled in an online course at Awwama, to learn more about the field of Digital Marketing.

Throughout my studies, I developed a comprehensive knowledge of the various aspects of Digital Marketing and the tactics that are essential for achieving effective results. I am now an accomplished Digital Marketer with a wealth of experience in the sector.

My Background and Professional Experience

I have a significant background in digital marketing and extensive experience working with successful companies from around the globe. I hold a breadth of skills such as SEO, SEM techniques, advanced analytics, data-driven decision-making, website optimization, content creation and social media engagement.

My deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape is key to successful campaigns and results that create long-lasting success for all the businesses I work with.

Working with Me – What to Expect

When you work with me, expect to get the highest quality of digital marketing services available. I craft strategic plans tailored to your business goals that are rooted in research and data-driven decisions.

I use a combination of SEO, content creation, and social media engagement tactics to maximize your reach and potential for success. With my industry knowledge, experienced insight, and innovative strategies, I provide massive growth for all the clients I work with.

Mynul Hasan
Digital Marketing Strategist

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